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MIDI hardware rack synths, and controls in Studio One 3?

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asked Jan 11, 2018 in Studio One 3 by lawrencebrandt (820 points)

I just got Studio One 3 Artist Bundle...and I'm liking it!

I currently have a Yamama MU80 hardware MIDI synth. I'm getting playing this to work via my ********* U-Phoria UMC204HD. I route the output of the synth back into the 2 channels of the UMC for recording on Studio One 3 on a Windows 10 PC.

I've defined the instrument as 16 individual MIDI channel devices. I could not get it to work with a single instrument definition where I select a channel on each track. Some of the controls I ask about below may be "instrument-wide" so assigning them to a track / channel makes no sense...there should be a separate "global" setting editor as well as for tracks.

I use the controls of the synth(s) by using the instrument editor for simple things like filters, reverb, etc.

Here are some questions:

  1) How do I get the editor to display the activity and settings of the controllers on the synth(s), via sliders, or with all channels on one editor pane? (I can select individual ones, but not more than one channel. (BTW, the little knobs don't work well and don't move around...sliders would be better!) (your editor does this for your plug-in Presence synth...or others maybe, but not MU80)

  2) How do I get Studio One to read all the parameters in the synths...usually done with SysEx queries. Can these settings be saved with the song or in an instrument config file? There are other Yamaha (or manufacturer specific) editors around, but doing this in Studio One is something I'd want to do!

 3) I'm also using a Roland A30 MIDI controller. There are numerous settings and parameters that can be set and read on this...can I get Studio One to understand the Roland A30's presets, data input control, etc.?

4) I'd imagine you have synths you support more than the MU80. Where can I find a list of compatible synths which do have editors that are more like your Presence editor?

P.S. The keyboard will be sharing the MIDI IN of the UMC module, as the keyboard and synth have a THRU I can use to duplicate the transiting MIDI data...I'm just needig to explore which THRU arrangement is the best.



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