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"hanging" or "stuck" midi notes to external devices (hardware synths) problem in studio one, who can help me?

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asked Apr 2 in Studio One 5 by roidebruijn (340 points)

I have a problem with hanging midi notes in studio one when composing in midi to trigger my hardware synths.

It happens when retriggering (starting the sequence a few times quickly via the spacebar on computer) while at the same time transposing the midi note up or down the scale. It seems like S1 then won't keep up and it misses the midi off message resulting in hanging notes

Im using S1 v5 and an elektron tm1 midi interface ( never had problems in other daws with the tm1; so I'm expecting this to be an S1 issue)

The same problem happens when using S1 v4 *tested that

Its super annoying when composing so I was wondering if someone has the same problems and hopefully a solution for this problem. (or if its a bug: a bug fix in the near future?)

Thanks in advance

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