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Is it possible for Studio One to control other pc/mac with another Studio One by MIDI through network connection ?

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asked Apr 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by alphamarindo (130 points)
Currently I am trying to send midi message through network from my Studio One to another pc running Studio One.

The purpose of this is to be used during church service, 1 mac running backing track, another mac having Presence patches; my goal is when the backing track is running, at different point of the track, it will trigger the other mac to change the Presence patches, so the keys player don't have to change the patches manually and it will sync with the track as well.

I believe this is possible, as I've done it with Studio Oneand ProPresenter to change the slides, but I have not found a way to connect 2 Studio One apps.

Any ideas how to achieve this ?

Thank you.

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