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Mixdown deconfigures my instrument settings (PSOrchestra)

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asked Jan 12 in Studio One 3 by bratzobalarin (150 points)

I am very new to Studio One, and all DAW's in general. I bought the PSO orchestra pack and wrote a piece. I wanted to export it, but when I open the "Mixdown" settings, the midi settings change. That is, in the PSO orchestra, each instrument has options (e.g., slow sustain, tremolo, staccato). But immediately as I press "Mixdown" all settings go back to sustain...I want to keep my own settings. I've been looking around for a few days, but I don't know how to solve this. It's probably something simple. Thanks a lot for the help!

I'm running Studio One Artist Win x 64

Hardware: Asus Vivobook Pro; Intel Core i7-7700Hq CpU @ 2.80 Ghz-2.81 Ghz; Ram 16Gm; Windows 10; Audiobox USB

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answered Jan 30 by PreSonuSupt4 (198,800 points)
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If you use articulations in PSO aside from the default, manually write the articulation changes in with midi notes so that they persist.