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Thunderbolt BIOS settings

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asked Jan 15, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by The Oz (200 points)
Does anyone have a list of what the TB BIOS settings should be? I'm having the same issue with my: ASUS Z370A, 16Gb Ram, intel core i7. ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 Card, StarTech TB 3 to 2 adapter and Quantum interface. I found a list that was close to the same as my BIOS, but I have few more options to set than what was on that list.

The Thunderbolt software shows that the Quantum is connected on port 1, and I've set the permissions to always allow that connection, but Universal control doesn't see that anything is connected. Studio One 3 also shows the Quantum in the list of audio devices, but says it's not working properly and to check the hardware. Sorry, I'm not at that computer right night now so I'm paraphrasing what the actual error message says. I will contact tech support when I get home from work, but thought I would give this a try for now. Thanks!

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answered Jan 27, 2018 by The Oz (200 points)
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With some help from Presonus Tech Support, We discovered that I didn't have the most recent BIOS update for my motherboard. After installing the update and enabling thunderbolt in the BIOS, it has been working flawlessly.