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asked Jan 16, 2018 in AudioBox USB by brycecoulston (150 points)
When I plug my Audiobox USB into my laptop it starts making a continuous clicking noise. It doesn’t happen when I plug it into my desktop. I could restart my laptop from scratch to give more memory ex. But I’d rather not do that. It never use to do that to me.

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answered Mar 27, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,340 points)
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The issue you are running into is that your laptop may be too slow for real time audio. Make sure it means minimum system requirements to be running Studio One. -

Most often is the case with laptops that exhibit this behavior are the following conditions:

  • CPU is Celeron or older Pentium 4 series / older AMD CPU
  • Memory is 4GB or less, runs better with 64-Bit OS and 8GB of RAM
    • For latency operation below 512 for real time instruments and effects and monitoring
  • Operating System is 32 Bit (can only cache 3.25GB of 4GB of installed memory)
  • Storage Drive is 5400 RPM or 4200 RPM which is typical for laptops. You'll need an SSD or 7200 RPM S-ATA drive. 
  • DPC Latencies due to conflicting Video Card and Network Interfaces grabbing resources from system, use this application to check to see if your system can handle real time audio:
Contact a professional audio retailer for audio recording PC solutions:
  • Sweetwater Creation Stations (USA)
  • PC Audio Labs (USA)
  • Molten Audio (UK)
  • AAVIM (Austrailia)
  • Apple MacBook Pro is always a good solution too...