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AR series mixer or Audio Interface

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asked Jan 20, 2018 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by billygareth (180 points)
Hi There,
I am wanting to upgrade from my Komplete Audio box to a better recording setup for my home studio. I was going to get an audio interface from the company that makes red ones but then though surely there must be a small mixer that could work with Reaper as my DAW but give me a control surface and extra outboard options.

I do have a faderport which is great but wanted to look at a desk. Research has lead me to the AR series.SO I have some questions.

Would an AR unit work for me considering these factors:

 - Drums are recorded from an ekit via midi and trigger EZdrummer so wouldn't use the desk but could I still route these channels (or at least the drum bus) back out to the desk?
- I have a keyboard that I used to trigger VST piano and synths also via midi cable so the same question as above would apply
- Could any other VST instruments or totally in the box tracks be router via the desk?
- I reaper would I see all of the desk inputs listed as available inputs like I do now for my two inputs on the Komplete box?
- Can I route audio back to Reaper from the desk?
- Can I apply analog effects from the desk to audio as it passes through the desk back to Reaper?
 - Is there a way to setup an "Announce" mic channel/function  that I can use to all folk who are wearing headphones and in different rooms?
 - Can I use the sliders to record automation such as volume/pan via Reaper?
 - Will the software bundle work with any DAW or only Studio 1

So essentially rather than buy an interface and a control surface I am thinking of a desk but need to know that it will wokr with my DAW in a hybrid setup. I am aware that the sliders are not motorised so won't move with the settings in the DAW channels. I can live with this.

Appreciate any wisdom.

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answered Mar 31, 2018 by chrisbuystedt1 (620 points)
So it isnt a control surface its just a live sound board / interface. So basically all you are able to do is use all the inputs on your mixer into your daw and thats it. All the other effects and buttons and faders and knobs wornt work in your daw. What you need is an interface with the appropriate amount of inputs you desire and then a control surface. I would recommend the faderports. They make a few of them and their amazing!
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answered Oct 3, 2020 by ZiggyDude (1,020 points)
I am currently using a 24c (love it) and a AR16c (Trying not to break it).

The AR16c is noisy and I will be on my third one as the first two each had a bad channel.

If I could do the money over.  I would get an 1810 and use my Mackie into 2 of the channels as a sub mix.  Go direct on the other two.