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How can I use Logic X with Studio 192 at a sample rate higher than 48KHz?

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asked Nov 24, 2015 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
We had reported in the release for Studio 192 that in Mac OS X 10.11 we ran into an issue where Logic X would not work at any sample rate higher than 48KHz. We have found that is not entirely correct. Apples Audio MIDI Setup settings and Logic X work directly with one another and potentially ignore applications requesting changes.

However it appears that making the changes in Audio MIDI Setup may actually resolve this issue.

So how can Audio MIDI Setup be changed to allow for the Studio 192 to be used in Logic X at a sample rate higher than 48KHz?

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answered Nov 24, 2015 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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Studio 192 runs as a class compliant interface on Mac OS X. Class - Compliant means that there is no device driver provided by the manufacturer and the interface will work with the class drivers already in the operating system. The keyboard, mouse for example are class-compliant devices as well. 

Studio 192 does have control software called UC Surface, to manipulate it's internal settings and how it routes audio, controls preamp levels, etc. However with Apple Logic X. This application is unique in that it will apparently only respond to Apple's own internal control panel called Audio MIDI Setup for sample rate settings. 

Changes in Audio MIDI Setup will reflect in UC Surface if you have it installed. However for reasons beyond our control settings in UC Surface will not be held in memory when used in conjunction with Logic X. Settings must be changed in Audio MIDI Setup to gain access to sample rates higher than 48KHz. 

Studio 192 defaults to 44.1KHz operation, also available is 48KHz. To access higher sample rates, Studio 192's Input and Output Modes must be set manually in Audio MIDI Setup. 

Please follow this tutorial to learn how to alter your settings in Audio MIDI Setup to be able to use 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 KHz sample rates. 

In this example UC Surface was not installed, and is running as a class compliant device to show how this is setup in the Apple OS. 

First we need to open up Audio MIDI Setup. Start by clicking Go on your Desktop Finder Toolbar and click on Utilities:

In the Utilities directory double click the icon labeled Audio MIDI Setup to launch it:

With Audio MIDI Setup Open, your Studio 192 may or may not be selected as the default input and output device. 

If it is not, it will look like this:

If it is already selected you can skip ahead a few slides, otherwise please follow along, we need to select the Studio 192 and at the bottom of the screen click the cog wheel and select "Use This Device As Sound Input" and again for "Use This Device for Sound Output". 

After making the changes, it looks like this:

Now if you try and select the sample rate of 192KHz for the Studio 192, you'll notice that it won't change. 

The Studio 192 has different Input and Output Modes depending on which sample rate is desired. 

The Input AND Output Modes must be set BEFORE the sample rate can be selected. 

What you can't do is select a mode for say 192KHz - 26ch-24bit Integer on Input and 192KHz 24ch-24bit Integer for Output. This won't work. 

You must select the Input and Output modes in these pairings for the intended sample rate, or you will not be able to switch sample rates. 

Your channel count will change based on the sample rate you want to use, please take note of this per this chart. 

Studio 192 - OS X USB Modes
Sample Rates Input Mode Output Mode
44.1KHz and 48KHz 26ch-24bit Integer 32ch-24bit Integer
88.2KHz and 96KHz 18ch-24bit Integer 24ch-24bit Integer
176.4KHz and 192KHz 8ch-24bit Integer 14ch-24bit Integer

The next step is to change the Input Mode. 

Select the Input button, then select the mode you want. 

For this example we want 192KHz, so we're going to select 8ch-24bit Integer. 

Now select Output and select mode for the sample rate you are using. 

Now we can finally change the sample rate. With the Output tab selected, we can choose the 192KHz sample rate. 

And as long as the Input Mode and Output Mode match for the compatible sample rate, the Input Mode will change automatically. 

Now you'll be able to select any sample rate of 192KHz or lower with the Studio 192 in Logic. However you are restricted to the Input and Output channels as shown in the table above. 

Now let's launch Logic. 

Here is the start screen, and at the bottom of the screen you can see the sample rates available to you. In this example we select Multi-Track and will select 192KHz and click Choose to start our session. 

To check to make sure the session is correctly set to 192KHz, we need to check Session Audio Properties. 

Click File, then select Project Settings, and then Audio. 

Here we can see the Sample Rate for the session is 192KHz. 

You can now record at 192KHz in Logic with Studio 192. 

NOTE: We've had reports from customers that users of the Antelope ZenStudio 2 have experienced similar issues with Studio One 2 or 3. Perhaps these instructions would be similar for Zen Studio Users to resolve the same issue of not being able to access sample rates higher than 44.1Khz or 48KHz in Studio One or another DAW.