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Multiple Marker Tracks

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asked Jan 28, 2018 in Look and Feel by neiljordan1 (15,920 points)
retagged May 22, 2018 by neiljordan1
Would be great if one could add additional marker tracks directly underneath the current one (preferably with a rename option for each). These would be very useful for capturing things like Chords (like in Pro Tools), key moments for the guitarist, etc.

Trying to add all of these onto the single marker track already available just creates something too messy to be of help to anyone.

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answered Mar 29, 2018 by AlexTinsley (772,410 points)
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answered Nov 22, 2018 by Nip (2,270 points)
edited Jul 31 by Nip

Yes, please.
Really nice to have one in timebase linear at least, like lock to a video scene.
Then others for various purposes like recording positions, much quicker than preroll and that stuff.
The for the general purpose that follow bars+beats.

I virtually do all timeline navigating with markers.

Many marker tracks really help in not having a separate video track with thumbnails, and still be able to navigate quickly.

It could be implemented as layers to the current marker track we have, to activate over time as we wish. Each with it's own timebase. Just expand like layers on a track otherwise, and activate the one you want. So no further change in gui this way.

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answered Apr 1 by Scardanelli (760 points)
Definitely need at least a second marker track. When marking sections that are close to each other, or perhaps notes in timeline, when zoomed out the markers all roll under one another - even slightly zoomed this can happen if marking say verse sections or any other take notes. So if there was a marker track underneath then each marker could be read in full as the upper and lower would not interfere with each other.
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answered Apr 8 by nk_e (1,120 points)
Someone suggested that maybe this could be implemented as Layers to keep things tidy. Alternatively, maybe it could be implemented as "track alternatives" similar to Logic / Cubase uses the concept for audio/midi tracks....
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answered May 22 by palladinojt (470 points)
I'd love to be able to categorize/group the markers and filter by category.  For example, if I have flags marking points on my guitar track, flags for my bass track, and flags for my vocal track - be able to filter to only show the flags marking points on my bass track, so while I'm editing the bass track and using keyboard shortcuts to jump between Markers, I can jump right to the next bass-relevant Marker.