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studio one 3 crashes when sample rate is changed using universal control or in studio one

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asked Feb 3, 2018 in Studio One 3 by rey0mckee (120 points)
I have Studio One 3 Pro version(up to date) and universal control. My interface is a 1818vsl(newest firmware) and i have windows 10. Using the old vsl software i do not have the problem but when studio one had a update a while back the vsl software and studio did not work well together and i was getting a lot of latency. Now my problem is anytime my sample rate is changed or block size is changed studio one freezes. if i was to change a setting in universal control it stops working or if i change between songs in different sample rates. for example open a song in 96khz and close it then open another that was recorded in 44.1khz and it crashes. if i open universal control you can see the interface has changed to the correct sample rate to match the song file but you have to end studio one in task manager. In task manager it doesnt say program is not responding and its barely using any of the computer's cpu, ram, and stuff.

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