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Is there a way to clean a scratchy or crackling headphone knob?

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asked Nov 26, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by richiehdez (120 points)
This happens to all my interfaces so it's nothing out of the ordinary, although i don't know how to fix it with a Studio 24c. This problem has gotten pretty bad on the headphone knob, and every time i adjust it there's a lot of crackling from what i feel is all dust in the knobs. It used to fade away after i turned it several times, but now that doesn't seem to do much.

My question is, what is the recommended way to clean these output knobs on this particular interface? Can i just pull off the knobs or is there a way to unscrew the interface?

I thought this would be more common when i googled it but I couldn't find any thread or a direct solution for this interface, all i could find was the audio output itself was crackly, not the knob. It's worth noting it began to get dusty almost the same week i got it brand new.

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