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Does anyone know if this actually worked?

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asked Mar 15, 2018 in Studio One 3 by darrenmacklin (500 points)
In another post, someone said that even buying the add-on, EZ Drummer 2 still didn't work.  Just curious if this is the case for these 2 very popular drum plug-ins.

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answered Mar 19, 2018 by jonnylipsham (14,860 points)
You need to purchase the 3rd party VST add-on for Studio One Artist first. That unlocks the support for 3rd Party plugins, including VSTis.
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answered Mar 28, 2018 by davidgebert (140 points)


I have Studio One 3 Artist and have also purchased the add-on pack that enables 3rd party VST support and MP3 export.  I also have been using EZDrummer 2 without any issues with Studio One 3.  In fact, I've not had any issues with any any of my 3rd party plugins, including Amplitube4, SampleTank3, MODO Bass, etc.

When I first was looking to purchase Studio One 3, I saw that post as well and I was also concerned, but I've had zero issues.

Hope that helps...