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AudioBox iTwo USB port, Device port, and compatibility questions.

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asked Apr 2, 2018 in AudioBox USB by paulgoodwin1 (610 points)
After reading the manual, the way I understand this unit operates when using an iPad is:

The USB port is used only to power the unit when interfacing with an iPad.  Question:  Is this correct?

The Device Port is the digital data path to the iPad.   Question: does the device port also charge the iPad?

I assume the AudioBox iTwo is compatible with an iPad Air 2 running the latest iOS (11.2.6). Question: is that assumption good?

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answered Apr 17, 2018 by butchrichard (131,320 points)
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iOne or iTwo?

Here are the proper steps to connect your Audiobox iOne or iTwo.

1.) Using a supported official Apple power supply with your iPad, connect the USB cable that is included with your iOne or iTwo. 

2.) Plug the power supply brick into an electrical outlet.

3.) Plug the other free end of the USB cable to the USB "Power" port on the back panel of your Audiobox iOne or iTwo device. 

4.) Using an official Apple data cable (either 30 pin or lightning, which ever came with your iPad) connect the USB end to the "Device" port of your Audiobox iOne or iTwo. 

5.) With your iPad in sleep mode or awake and on the "Home" screen, plug the 30 pin or Lightning end of your data cable to your iPad.

Now you can launch any application on your iPad to enable usage with the Audiobox iOne or iTwo

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answered Apr 18, 2018 by paulgoodwin1 (610 points)
Thanks for responding. I just purchased an iTwo - waiting for its arrival.

I’m assuming that I can use an Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter like this: hook the Device port of the iTwo to the usb connector on the camera adapter. Then hook the camera adapter cable end to the iPad. The hook an iPad charger/Lightning cable to the Lightning port on the camera adapter.

I believe this will allow charging of the iPad while providing the usb data path between the iPad and iTwo.