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StudioLive 16.0.2 USB as Audio Interface: Can only handle DAW, or other computer audio, not both.

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asked Apr 4, 2018 in Classic Mixers by gregguarino (450 points)

Windows 10. Presonus 16.0.2 USB.

I use my 16.0.2 as my audio interface, replacing my Steinberg UR44, which I still have. I can play audio from my music library or from Youtube, say, but as soon as I open my DAW (Studio One 3.5), all other non-DAW audio ceases to function. The time counter on whatever I'm trying to play will not even advance; it stays stuck at 0:00. The same thing happened with my previous DAW as well (Sonar 8.5). The Steinberg unit was happy to play any combination of audio sources.

Worse yet, even after I close the DAW, I still can't play any other audio unless I turn the 16.0.2 USB off and back on. This usually works, although occasionally I have to reset it more than once.

I find this a real pain. It means I can't even play back a mixdown .wav file to see that it came out OK without closing my DAW software and restarting the mixer. And since I'm new to Studio One, it means I can't avail myself of video tutorials while Studio One is open.

Is there a way to fix this? If not, is there a way for me to use my Steinberg UR-44 for all non-DAW audio, and the 16.0.2 for the DAW?

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answered Apr 9, 2018 by gregguarino (450 points)
selected Jun 25, 2018 by benpierce
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In case anyone else is having this problem, I have found a workaround. I happen to have another interface, as I mentioned. I have hooked that one up to my computer as well, using it for Windows Media and Groove Music playback, as well as for Web Audio. I use the Presonus Mixer as an interface for my DAW (Studio One) only. There should be a better way, but since I already had the other interface, I suppose this is acceptable.