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Apply FX to a single channel on StudioLive 16.0.2 USB and send it via USB for DAW (Cubase)

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asked Apr 9, 2022 in Classic Mixers by david-1 (130 points)


I am trying to record a live using Cubase 12 through PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB mixer (set up by a friend, he doesn't know the answer to this either).

Using a single track in Cubase from mixer's Main all effects and presets are applied to audio. When I split voice (mono track) and instrument (stereo track) in Cubase, the voice track is losing FXs applied.

I search various clips on Youtube to find out how to not lose them, user manual (got lost in it).

This setup is for other mixer and I do not understand what I have to do for my mixer.

So the question is how to send/apply FXA and FXB directly on a channel so that they are together send via USB in DAW on my laptop?

Any guidance is much appreciated! (even pointing out the user manual: "hey this is actually routing which may be found in section x in User Manual")

Thank you in advance!

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