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Stage Relay

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asked Apr 10 in StudioLive Series III by alexrho (150 points)
I'm admittedly new to the whole world of mixers and sound set up so forgive me if I'm incorrect in any terminology.  My church is looking to purchase one of the StudioLive series boards.  The issue that I'm having is that the tube that holds our snake has shifted or has been pinched and as a result we are no longer able to feed new cables through or even to remove the old ones without damaging them.  So our solution is to run a Cat6 line from the board through one of our hollow walls down to the stage and have our patches set up down on the stage level.  I believe what we're looking to do is set up a stage relay.  Is the StudioLive series capable of running a cable of that length and set up a stage relay?

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answered Apr 26 by jonnydoyle (43,360 points)
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You can use Cat5e/Cat6 cabling up to a distance of 100m. Please review this article for more information.