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Multitrack Drum Editing: Changing Layers of more than one selected item simultaneously? Items don't remeber Position?

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asked Apr 16 in Studio One 3 by Scarbo (130 points)
edited Apr 16 by Scarbo
Hi there,

i have two questions and can't find an option for that. This is really basic drum Editing Stuff.

I recorded a Drumkit on Multitrack and I am now Editing. I grouped the Tracks, did Cuts, Fades and moved the Hits with Slip Editing Mode to the right Spot.

1) If I am selecting more than one item and want to change the Layers of all these items (seperated by fades) simultaneously, let's say from Layer 3 to Layer 2 it only changes the Layer of the Item under the cursor, the others stay the same. Is there a way to change the layers of all selected items at the same time?

2) Let's say i used Layer 3 and moved the Snare Hits all to the right spot and did cuts and fades between the different Hits. When I am changing the Layer to Layer 2 and then back to Layer 3 all my Editing is gone, the SnareHits are in the same position als originally recorded and the layer didn't remember the location i moved it to? this can't be true. How do i get the edited layers to remember their position when changing to another layer and back?

thanks for your answers!

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