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No Sound When I Updated to DAW mode

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asked Apr 19, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by Bryanmag (200 points)
edited Apr 20, 2018 by Bryanmag
Hi guys

I just updated my StudioLive S3 to DAW mode and faders runs ok seen my meters are ok but no sound on my headphone..

I connected my computer through ethernet/thunderbolt..

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answered Apr 19, 2018 by AlexTinsley (902,820 points)
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Please make sure that you've updated the firmware for your console as well. UC 2.6 the software component, the firmware is what holds the features for the console. The two go hand in hand, you can find your firmware in your account. If you continue to have trouble please make sure to review the StudioLive Software Guide for complete instructions on how to get setup in DAW Mode. You can find the manual in your account and on the StudioLive III download page.

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answered Apr 20, 2018 by Bryanmag (200 points)
I Already updated the UC 2.6 and Firmware of my mixer..
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answered Apr 22, 2018 by kevinearly (140 points)
I had to setup my DAW outputs to the tape outs at channels 37 & 38 after the firmware update (Studiolive24).  Maybe you're experiencing something similar.