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Why does my StudioLive 32 mixer stop creating sound when switching to DAW mode?

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asked May 26, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by dwayneteeter (140 points)
As a live mixer running my hardware synths, everything works fine.  When I switch to DAW mode, though, it's clear that the mixer and software (Studio One Pro 4.5) are communicating; sliders move, meters show input, etc.  However, nothing comes out of the speakers.  Even the main output's meters show action...just nothing is heard.  PLUS, it is very noisy.  Turn off DAW mode, though, and I'm right back to normal...synths can be heard through mixer and speakers.  Any idea what's up?  By the way, I've updated all software and firmware.

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answered May 28, 2019 by benpierce (98,890 points)
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The noise could be a feedback issue. You cannot send audio to Studio One and monitor it at the same time through that channel on the console via USB. It creates a feedback loop. Turn off the blue input monitoring button in Studio One for each channel that you are using. I'm not sure why switching DAW mode on and off would affect your input monitoring but its worth looking at.
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answered May 26, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
This is not a normal behavior. I can toggle between the modes without disturbing audio. And nothing is getting noisy in DAW mode. Spontaneoulsy I would think of a routing problem. Have you loaded the SL 32 template in Studio One and are all USB routings of your SL fit to the template? Did you try a routing reset on the mixer? Are there feeds coming back to the SL 32 via Tape In (Digital In)?