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7 Microphones in Studio One 3 WITH AudioBox 1818VSL

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asked Apr 22, 2018 in Studio One 3 by travishowell (120 points)
Hi! I am new to Studio One and to the AudioBox 1818VSL. I have a drum kit I want to record with 7 microphones. I have searched online and cannot find anything on how to set the 1818VSL up with Studio One so that I may use my 7 microphones to record my drum kit. I do have the interface set as my audio device in Studio One and it shows a picture of it but after that I'm lost and cannot figure out how to setup each microphone. I have them connected on the front of the interface with XLR mic cables, channels 1 through 7. I could use some help/advice for sure! Please let me know if there is a video I could watch or an article on how to do this. I don't mind doing the reading and learning, I just cant find anything! All help is appreciated and I thank you in advance!

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answered Jul 15, 2018 by alancloughley (3,010 points)
Hi hope you've sorted this out by now but if not this video should help, it's a different audio interface but it all works the same regardless!

Before you do that make sure you've downloaded the latest drivers for your interface, you will then have a new option in the Audio device drop down list in the audio settings for Studio One. Make sure you selected your specific audio device in the audio settings or you won't be able to add the inputs and outputs as per the video.

You then just need to add the inputs and outputs you want from those available on your device. Studio one should give you a few basic ins and outs by default but I don't think it wire all your inputs up for you. You can name each input as you add them to make it easier when setting up projects in the future e.g. Kick, Snare, Overhead Left etc.

You can then add some audio tracks for the drum tracks then just select the inputs you configured for each track in the Studio One mix view (you just click on the name of the input (above the fader) and a list pops up allowing you to change it.