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Add a Balance Fader to the Splitter (wet/dry mix)

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asked Apr 24, 2018 in Mixing by wonder6oy (2,620 points)

I've seen some requests for a "wet/dry" mix knob for plugins in the feature requests, but I wanted to present an option that might be a more logical addition to the Splitter tool already implemented in S1.

Would it be possible to add a simple "Balance" control to the split channels?  It would serve as an ideal "wet/dry" mix adjustment utility as well as other functions - ESPECIALLY if it could be automated!  In addition to parallel processing, you could also automate it to temporarily fade into complex FX chains that would be difficult to automate otherwise.  Not to mention other uses as well.

Here's a mockup of the idea...

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answered Apr 25, 2018 by AlexTinsley (828,210 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Feb 7 by simonchadwick (320 points)
Nailed it, without being able to automate the splitter faders you have to go back to making loads of sends which from watching the Persons videos this was to help elevate. I love the splitter but just need to be able to automate the levels.
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answered Jun 6 by anubhavukil (5,500 points)

This is important as well. Naming splitter is really important.