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Audiobox 96 noise with its driver and no noise with ASIO4ALL driver.

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asked Sep 9, 2019 in AudioBox USB by jeany (610 points)
I just got the Audiobox 96 today, opened the box, installed driver, and tried a test. For the test, I created a simple track on Studio One. When I played it, it sounds with noise with the setting of the audio device. When I changed the audio device as ASIO4ALL, it sounds clearly without noise.

Is it a normal issue? Should I keep using ASIO4ALL instead of Audiobox 96 for audio device setting?

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answered Oct 15 by jardaruza (140 points)
Same problem here. Have you solved it yet? I´m thinking that I´m gonna return Audiobox and stick to my HX Stomp (guitar processor). I plug it in the USB port and use it as input/output, but in Studio One I set Asio4all as my interface, and everything seems cool.