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Can I use programs like ScoreCloud (instead of or in conjuntion with StudioOne) and my Presonus AudioBox USB96?

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asked Sep 18, 2023 in AudioBox USB by alisajane (190 points)
Right now I use StudioOne3 with my AudioBox USB96, to compose and record my singing, but I'm looking for one of the newer notation programs like ScoreCloud that will automatically approximate the musical notation as I sing, including a time signature that can be easily edited.  Before I download it, wanted to make sure I could use it with my interface and I can't seem to find the basic answer to this question.  I'm writing some songs with a rather stubborn and fussy guitar player who insists that he have an accurate time signature and key before he can even understand what I'm playing (on keyboard) and singing for him while we are in the process of creating!  Very frustrating, so I was going to try to use something like ScoreCloud or one of the other intuitive music notation softwares that would generate a lead sheet for me,  Just want to know if I can use my mic through my AudioBox like I have been doing.   Thanks!

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