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My sends are missing in channel view.

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asked Apr 30 in Studio One 3 by nollmusic (210 points)
I was in a session working away, then notice my "Sends" on each of my channel strips were gone. "Insert" are there, but no sends.  Did I hit something that made them disappear?

Thank You!

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answered Apr 30 by AlexTinsley (733,660 points)
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On the far left side of the console view click the icon with the two triangles that are opposing each other (both facing center).

And your Inserts / Sends will re-appear.

Here's a video done on the topic of sends in Studio One 3.

I strongly suggest watching our video tutorial series that will walk your around the interface to show you where all the buttons are. Joe Gilder started this series on Studio One 2 and continued it with Studio One 3, 100 videos in total.

asked Apr 30 in Studio One 3 by nollmusic (210 points) "`sends" ONLY is missing
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answered Oct 30 by Willemmusic (230 points)
The answer below by Presonus is incorrect. This does not reveal the sends. I have searched high and low and by mistake discovered how to get SENDS back. You move your mouse/trackpad to the line just above the PANNING section in the channel strip. Click and hold down, then move the mouse up, and it will pull up the SENDS.
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answered Nov 29 by Curtsong (590 points)

My sends are missing too.  They were there when I opened up a new song.  Added FX busses and went to dial in some compression on a send on a track and WTF?! They are gone!! I'm trying like hell to get them visible again and I've tried all the tricks from the past and it's not working.