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Record my nitro drum module in studio one 3

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asked Apr 30, 2018 in Studio One 3 by jonathansalazar2 (120 points)
Hello presonus I am having trouble getting the sounds from my alesis nitro drum kit . I have set it up in the daw and can use the kit to trigger the sounds in the daw. How ever I want to play and record using the sounds in the drum module. How can I do this? thank you so much for you help. I am using a usb cord to connect to my computer

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answered Aug 6, 2018 by bobbyhollow (140 points)
dont know about presonus, I have used it before though.....just get reaper daw and a usb to midi plug 2 wires out to in, use a printer cable from the back of your nitro kit into your pc, in reaper goto options audio devices look for midi input click enable on the alesis nitro and the usb 2.0 enable. right click  in reaper on the left side. insert virtual instrument on track, find superior drummer or ezdrummer, it will ask to add 32 tracks click no. let it load up. then right click down below your track, select midi select alesis nitro. make sure you have monitor input checked. record input audio or midi checked. and input midi checked, also i believe you'll need to cut off dm in alesis module to hear the kits of toontrack or superior drummer. or check out my video here   and this one to