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How to configure akai ewi usb in Studio One 3

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asked May 7, 2018 in Studio One 3 by lucadicarlo (150 points)
I own an Akai Ewi usb, when i add my instrument in the external devices section i can add it whether as a new instrument or as a new keyboard. If i add the ewi as a new instrument i can see all it's sensor (pitch bend, breath sensor etcc..), and they seem to work properly, but i can't use it as an input device (i dont' know why).

If I add it as new keyboard i can use it as an input device, but breath sensor does not work well, and pitch band doesn't work at all.

Someone knows how to set up Studio One 3 in order to properly use the Ewi usb.

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answered May 8, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4 (220,910 points)
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If it's not literally an instrument, doesn't generate sound, or if it does and you just don't intend to use it for that, you only need an External Keyboard Device.  If it's CC and Pitch Bend data or similar things aren't getting through the device to the instrments, you may have the Filter boxes checked on it's setup panel blocking them.  If so, uncheck those.