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VST Plugin stealing keyboard focus

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asked May 9, 2018 in Studio One 3 by garygrant1 (150 points)
HI Folks.

I am new to Studio One and I am attempting to use a VST Plugin that displays Lyrics. It works perfectly, but for one show stopping exception. When a song is opened with the plugin active and the lyrics view open, the plugin steals the keyboard focus and all keystrokes, so the space bar will not start playback. Is there any way to stop the plugin from taking the keyboard focus? In my previous DAW there was a button on the VST wrapper to prevent the plugin from stealing keystrokes, but I cant seem to find one in studio one.

Thanks for your help:)

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answered Jul 30, 2018 by fransvannispen (4,500 points)
Uhm, I have the very oposite, some VST's I cannot get to have focus at all.
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answered May 8 by garrettmyers (810 points)
I have BOTH problems! I too came from another DAW that gave each plugin an option for whether or not it was allowed to steal keyboard focus from the host. Now, many of my plugins steal keyboard focus in annoying ways. Several of my favorite compressors steal focus, so I can't use the spacebar to control playback while tweaking them. Also, I've fallen in love with SpectraLayers from Steinberg, and use it as an ARA plugin editor just like Melodyne. It would be seamless, except that it DOESN'T get keyboard focus! It runs in exactly the same way as Melodyne, where it replaces the stock Studio One audio editor on clips where it's been enabled. But while Melodyne receives all my keyboard shortcuts and works seamlessly, SpectraLayers only receives keystrokes that aren't used in Studio One. So I can assign Shift+Control+Option+Command+Q to anything I want in SpectraLayers, but I can't assign the Delete key to delete things, cause Studio One already receives that key. But Melodyne receives it just fine...