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S4 free upgrade as compensation for Series III owners

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asked May 23, 2018 in Studio One 4 by HHSAS (350 points)

Since we, owners of StudioLive Series III have had to wait almost a full year before you implement the DAW, since it is still not available (will it ever be???) for Protools and Live, the least you could have done is to offer a little compensation by offering us the S4 update. I perfectly understand that you give priority to your products but in this industry you cannot ignore the facts: Protools is the unavoidable reference. And in my opinion solving this DAW issue would give you more credibility and give Studio One more chance to increase its power on the market.

Just an idea.

Frankly, Guys, you could be more reactive and stop congratulating yourself when major issues turn to ridiculous.

Sorry, I'm getting ****** off and I do wish I'm not.


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answered May 23, 2018 by coaldavie (1,490 points)
I mostly agree, I bought a series 3 and can't fully use it because it doesn't support my DAW, nor does it support 44.1khz sample rate.

I decided I would give studio one artist a try and wasn't impressed enough to give presonus more money for a fully functional version.  If a fully functional version had been provided, I may have felt more valued for my investment in this piece of hardware that was put on the shelf and sold to me before completion.


Please provide fully functional DAW to series 3 customers in lew of completing your hardware.

It's unfortunate that we have to ask for this. If I was in presonus' position, I would mildly grovel to the to the people that invested in your products that were incompletely sold, or at least, make it so that we have a full featured means to achieve our goals at no extra cost (maybe you would have swayed  some users to your platform)  


Read these threads, S3 customers are becoming impatient.  UPDATE US regularly and make us feel somewhat valued. Give us real information, "in progress" and "soon" buried in threads don't cut it.