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StudioLive III 32S - How many channels in DAW mode vs. how much DSP Power

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asked Jan 1, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by Slash411 (120 points)


I reading up on the 32S vs. the 64S, specifically focusing on DAW Mode as I want to use the surface as a controller + using the DSP Power. 

I come across these specs on the Presonus Website:

StudioLive II Series



DSP Processing Power listed under product features

286 simultaneous processors

526 simultaneous processors

DSP Mix channels listed under "compare models"

40 Mix Channels

16 FlexMixes

76 Mix Channels

32 FlexMixes

In the product features section, a processor is listed as one of the following: 

  • HPF
  • Gate/Expander
  • Compressor with Fat Channel plug-in models
  • 4-band/6-band parametric EQ with Fat Channel plug-in models
  • Limiter
  • 31-band graphic EQ
  • 4 FLEX FX slots featuring legendary classic reverb emulations and delays

Let's say I want to use the 32S in DAW mode and have Studio One 5 Pro running with 50 Mono Audio Tracks - how would DAW Mode and my DSP power pan out?

Will I be able to control al 50 Channels in then 3 Banks of Faders to control my studio one mixer?

Let's say I don't have an HPF or a Limiter running in most channels, but want a Fat Channel Compressor and an EQ on all Audio Tracks (50 x 2 = 100 Processors) - is that possible? Or does 1 Mix Channel correspond to 1 Fat Channel instance meaning I can load and control a maximum of 40 Fat Channels on the DSP of the board?

What I would like it to be is: I can control all of the 64 Channels that the USB Interface offers with the Surface and can load as many of the 286 processors across as many audio tracks as I want using the DSP form the 32S until I have 286 total processors running across channels, busses or FX.

Is that possible or will only the 64S have that kind of power?
Thanks for the help. 

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