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Does Studio One Pro 4 support ilok plugins ?

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asked May 24 in Studio One 4 by danielkaminski1 (400 points)
Does Studio One 4 support ilok plugins ? I upgraded 3.6 to 4 and i can use them in 3,6 but they don't appear in 4. I tried to reinstall Studio One and ilok, I also tried to rescan plugins. Nothing helps. I'm using 64 bit versions and win7 pro.

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answered May 25 by AlexTinsley (723,080 points)
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Make sure the path to your iLok enabled plug in is added to your Plug-in Directory Paths. 

  • Open Studio One Preferences
  • Select Locations icon
  • Select VST Plug In Tab
  • Add your path there

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answered May 26 by danielkaminski1 (400 points)
I have done locations before. And locations are exactly same as in Studio One 3. Thoose plugins are visible only with Studio One 3.
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answered May 28 by wes8 (630 points)
I am having the same problem as well. I've tried adding the plugin-locations and resetting the blacklist. Plug-in locations are the same between Studio One 3 and Studio One 4, but still not seeing the iLok plugins.
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answered May 28 by wes8 (630 points)

Hey danielkaminski1, not sure if this will work for you, but I was able to get my iLok plug-ins to show up by doing the following:

1. Open Studio One 4

2. In the menu bar go to Help --> Open Settings Folder

3. Delete the Studio One 4 Settings Folder

4. Uninstall Studio One 4

5. Re-install Studio One 4

Then my plugins were scanned correctly. This was all after trying to reset blacklists and locations, so there still may be a Studio One 4 problem.

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answered May 29 by danielkaminski1 (400 points)
PROBLEM SOLVED. I did exactly as wes8 in 5 easy steps.
Thank You wes8 !
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answered Jun 7 by Curtsong (450 points)
I'm having the same issues.  Going to try this procedure.  I'll update with results.
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answered Jul 5 by minkyocho1 (430 points)
Solved, thank you very much Wes8!!!
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answered Jul 14 by mornebester (180 points)

Some of my plugins got blacklisted, and after trying everything including 'Reset Blacklist' button, reinstalling plugins, restarting scanning S1-4 etc - I found the following solution to make them appear again.

NOTE:  Below is the answer of wes8 if you want to reinstall S1 - My solution is if you are comfortable with quickly editing a file in a text editor:

  • Open Studio One 4
  • In the menu bar go to Help --> Open Settings Folder
  • Look inside the "x64" folder for the Plugins-en.settings file [MAKE A COPY just in case]
  • Open the Plugins-en.settings file in any text editor
  • CLOSE S1 app
  • In your editor search for your plugin for example "Tube Delay"

You might now find an entry for VST2 and/or VST3 depending what you installed:

<Section path="B6B24A14/Tube Delay.dll">  AND/OR  <Section path="0CE10D5D/Tube Delay.vst3">
Directly underneath one of these lines you will find this:
<Attributes numClasses="0">
  CHANGE TO  <Attributes numClasses="1">

IF you now go "FInd next" in your editor you might also find pathes - you can ignore them:
<Url type="1" url="file:///C:/Program Files/Vstplugins/Softube/Tube Delay.dll"/>
<Url type="1" url="file:///C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3/Tube Delay.vst3"/>

REPEAT for all your plugins.

SAVE the file
If you now open S1 your plugins should all show.
I think after a blacklist these plugins stay hidden and the 'Reset Blacklist' fails to make the changes to make them appear again.

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answered Aug 11 by jefflogan (150 points)

THANK you  mornebester . By far the easiest and fastest fix! Awesome. Thanks again.