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How to get ilok licenses for 3rd party plugins that appeared after I upgraded from s14 artist to professional?

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asked Dec 2, 2019 in Studio One 4 by mattlang (840 points)
I have recently upgraded to st14 pro from artist, and a whole array of new plugins appeared (eg. softube, steinberg,etc.) that I didn't have before. I didn't purchase any new plugins, but may have downloaded some free ones in my earlier days before I knew artist didn't support 3rd party plugins. So I don't know if these plugins come with st14 pro, or if I got them elsewhere. Anyway, when I try to use them, I get a license error message saying I don't have the proper license and in some cases to go to and update the license manager. I went to ilok and downloaded the license manager update but it didn't seem to work. Can anyone tell me if I can get the licenses for these plugins and if so how? If it helps i'm using a macbook running mojave 14.5.

Thanks in advance

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by holly7382 (990 points)
selected Dec 5, 2019 by mattlang
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They aren't part of Studio One. They just appear as the new install of S1 scanned the plugin folders on your system and shows you everything that is in there. The folder on your Mac is located at "Macintosh HD" -> "Library" -> "Audio"