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Studio One 4- many plugins, both Waves and native, are showing up blank (see photo).

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asked Jun 7 in Studio One 4 by gfurlow (460 points)

Upgraded to S14 and found many plugins, both 3rd party (Waves and others) as well as native Presonus plugins, appear as blank when opened in the mixer.  Also tried to adjust them in FaderPort8/Edit Plugins... all strips are blank.  Updated all my Waves plugins, no change.  BTW, snapshots in browser also show up as blank.

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answered Jun 8 by martyc1 (1,450 points)
selected Jun 25 by benpierce
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Most likely not getting an answer because it may be only happening to you.  I would open a ticket.

I'm on High Sierra and S14 as well.  The left effect is a waves plugin.