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Multi Instrument - Send individual layers to bus's

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asked May 26, 2018 in Mixing by steviemasters (3,040 points)
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Hi, so I do like the multi instrument for layering however it falls short when you cannot submix the individual instruments.  As an example, for trance / edm it falls short in layering multiple kicks and snares, a top, body and low for a kick and then blend them into each other, same for snare etc., anyway... this cannot be done without being able to bus the individual outs to separate submixes for individual processing before summing them together.

Luckily I can use Tremor's midi out (thank you fxpansion) to trigger the Kick 2's.

It would be really nice if you can bus each part of the multi instrument for this type of layering and submixing.

This would be a workflow enhancement

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answered May 26, 2018 by patrickviens (1,870 points)
selected May 26, 2018 by steviemasters
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In the mixer view, the multi instrument track can be expanded by clicking on the folder icon and you will see one track per instrument/layer.
Buses can be added and these multi instrument tracks can be routed to them.
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answered May 26, 2018 by steviemasters (3,040 points)
edited May 27, 2018 by steviemasters
Hi, sorry but now that I have tried to "expand" this multi-instrument I can see that your comment does not expand the multi-instrument, I am running a large project so I started a new project and looked at the options using only one multi-instrument.

What I learned is expand does nothing to "expand" in a typical way anything for a multi-instrument.

I did learn however that each instrument in the multi-instrument showed up slightly greyed in the "instruments" section as part of the project info and by right-clicking over them I was able to add a bus, so while not the exact correct answer (multi-instrument) does not have an expand function.

You did lead me down the path to seeing the instrument list and learning I could then add bus by right-clicking the instruments shown in the list.

Albeit seeing that in channel groups I can make the parts active in the mixer and can then use them as needed without adding additional bus's except for the submix.
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answered May 27, 2018 by steviemasters (3,040 points)
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See above explanation for what I discovered.