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S1v4: More Complete Import Song Data Options

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asked May 28, 2018 in Mixing by benreaves (5,140 points)

With S1v4, the Import Song Data feature was implemented. However, I don't think the feature is complete.

For instance, when you select a Song to import from, you cannot import bus or FX channels with no automation lanes. I've tested this. As long as there are no events or automation envelopes on a track, you are not given the option to import it.

Why is that a problem? Well, let's say I have Superior Drummer set up in multi-out to give me control of individual mics, and I have groups of mics bussed to subgroups for kick, snare, etc., and I have all the channels running to a drums subgroup with processing on it. I want to import just the bus channels I used as subgroups. Well, they don't have automation envelopes, and because they're bus channels, I can't put events on their respective tracks. So I can't import them without importing the instrument.

Or, what if I want to import pieces of my template at a time, so I pull in my DRUMS layout, then my KEYS, then FX, and so on. That's not possible if there are no events or envelopes on those tracks. In the case of FX, you really can't import them without first adding automation envelopes.

To make matters worse, you cannot import from Song templates. Why in the world is that the case? The first thing I tried to do with the S1v4 demo was import from a template. Why would I want to do that? Well, let's say I've already started on a song, or I've begun working on a project, and I need to bring in additional processing after recording the drums. Or, I've laid out the tracks as recorded and I want to bring in my FX "rack." I'd look for my template and import just the pieces I need.

So, I know it's not a bug, but there's really huge limitations on Import Song Data as it compares to Pro Tools' Import Session Data. If Studio One wants to be the next big professional-level player, I think it should incorporate as much of a professional toolset as possible. Hopefully others agree with me.

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answered May 31, 2018 by AlexTinsley (772,370 points)
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answered May 29, 2018 by ianmartin5 (440 points)
Totally agree. It promises much, but delivers little.
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answered May 29, 2018 by nudibranche (240 points)
Yes the filters on import is not complete. I'm a PT user from a long time and I happy the S1 add this feature in V4.

The automation point on send is always on in PT so you have create them from the start when you build up your song.

For me what I missing in both daw is to have a selected track filter so that you select a few track the open import and have only those tracks as 1st choice to import, it can be a group of track for ex.
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answered May 29, 2018 by MetalForge (1,590 points)
We would love to have the ability to Import: inserts, sends, routing, panning and output to an existing track!!!!! So if I’m working on an album with the same drum set/mic setup, I can copy over everything onto the recorded audio files in every song rather than import new tracks and needing to drag the files over to the imported tracks.
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answered May 30, 2018 by neiljordan1 (15,900 points)
Fully on board. Being able to import FX channels is massive for me! I agree with all of these suggestions though.
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answered May 30, 2018 by Trucky (2,210 points)

I would also like to see an option box (see below) to select "All" tracks:

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answered Jul 17, 2018 by risotto (1,060 points)
I'm absolutely with you on that topic. I was so happy when I saw this feature but I can't use it as it is now. Normally I work a lot with busses and most of the tracks are at 0. So importing only the tracks is useless for me.
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answered Dec 8, 2018 by benreaves (5,140 points)

Following up. I'm now on version 4.1, and the issue I laid out above still hasn't been fixed. You can import from templates, but the content you can import is the same: still useless to many professionals.

Also worth noting! I've noticed that you cannot import track data from scratch pads! Why on earth is that the case? Why not make the scratch pads the most useful thing during pre-production? Currently, if I have a cool part I've written in another song's file, I cannot import it into a new Song, because it does not appear in the Import Song Data dialog. The track does; the data does not. It will only import from the main timeline. Why is that a problem? Because the main point to Scratch Pads is the ability to write unrelated parts without having to fit it somewhere in the main timeline. If I start writing a completely new song in a scratch pad when inspiration strikes and I want to expand it into its own Song, I don't want to have to re-create the scratch pad from original files. I want all audio layers and instrument parts exactly as I recorded inside the scratch pad. Otherwise, I have to use the old, v3.5.6 and older method of "Show Package Contents" in the browser to fish out the events and place them in the new song, after promptly deleting all events and files Import Song Data dumped into the new Song.

There really is a long way to go on this feature still.

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answered Jan 21 by powerkor (360 points)
To add onto this, you cannot import busses that are on instrument aux channels. When I use midi drums, and group the auxes to a buss, there is no way to import this buss because its not 'a track' fix this!!!
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answered Feb 14 by andreacalvanico (370 points)
I'm sorry to say it, but that's exactly the reason why I still have Pro Tools and not updated Studio One from version 3 to 4. It would be quite frustrating work on a CD project without the options avaiable on Import Session Data in Pro Tools. Expecially I miss the possibility to import properties from one track to another track of another song also if it has a different name.

That's a pity because when that would be fixed I would have no other problems to switch completely DAW.
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answered Mar 21 by tennitustennitus (830 points)
edited Mar 21 by tennitustennitus

Totally on board with a more comprehensive song data import that would include:
Master Fader and (Plugins)
Match current tracks

Please! Thank you!

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answered Jul 14 by brycezabric (190 points)
I'm with this 100%!

When mixing an album and trying to stay consistent with plugins, etc. from song to song, PT made this super easy by selecting the track (and what you wanted in it) and "dropping" it on top of a track in the current session. I'd also like to be able to bring FX, Busses and Master inserts in from session to session too.

I know S1 lets you save presets and sub folders for tracks, but I don't want to save that many presets since that builds up over time with having to have them for every new project. I like importing session data from the song I just mixed (or recorded), so I know it's the same and I don't have a bunch of wasted space for presets.

This is the BIGGEST issue I personally have with S1 (ex PT user for 16 years and I don't ever want to go back). If we could get a little more in depth with importing song data (close to the way PT does it), I'd be sooo happy!
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answered Aug 26 by chrisbottoms1 (150 points)
edited Aug 26 by chrisbottoms1
So... Until Presonus adds the ability to do this... Here is a work around. (It's a little bit of a pain, but works great!)

The problem is that importing song data only recognizes what is in the Edit window.

Option 1: If you have all of your busses, FX, and any other preset material prepped, right click on the fader in the mix window. Select the option to create an automation track. A track representing your bus, or whatever, is now in the edit window.

Option 2: Before you begin your template, go to Preferences/Advanced/Automation, and check the box for "Automatically create automation tracks for channels." When you create busses, FX, and VCA's, it will now automatically create a track in the edit window.

Now... Save your new template. Your elements of your template can now be imported into your existing project via the import song data option.

Another bonus to this, is that if you also open the info pane in the edit window, you have access to your fader, effects, and sends for any selected channel. You can now mix from the edit window like in ProTools. You will have to do VCA assignments in the mix window still though.