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Problem "Arm tracks" with latest firmware StudioLive version III

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asked Jun 2 in StudioLive Series III by fernandogaspar (280 points)


First of all please forgive me if English is bad because I am french and I use a machine translation Google.

I updated to the latest firmware (v 1.8.14273) my StudioLive 16 version III, and since when I want to do a recording session in Capture with an SD card, when I go in "Arm tracks " to select the channels I want to record, there is more than the first 25 channels that appear!
Yet before, with the firmware v 1.7.14047, all channels 1 to 32 + the Main mix were well there!

Have you noticed this problem on your console with the firmware v 1.8.14273?

Thanks in advance!

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answered Jun 18 by Michael Martin (81,210 points)
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We are aware of the issue and it has been logged to be fixed. Should be in the next firmware update.