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Error message "failed to open speakers, failed to open microphone"

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asked Jun 12 in Studio One 4 by katemarcin (150 points)
hi, i'm having the same problem as the person above. I've already made sure everything is setup correctly in the windows control panel>sound area (scarlett 2i2 default, both playback and recording are 44.1). I'm getting that same error message every time. I've turned off Windows sounds as well. Is there anything else I can do? I'm using the demo for Studio One 4.

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answered Oct 2 by timgold (170 points)
You have to go to and register your product; once you do this, you need to enter the bundle code and download the windows software driver (Focursrite USB ASIO), then restart the computer, all before even plugging the audiobox into the computer. This should resolve the problem.