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Studion One Prime Unable to Open Speakers and Unable to Open Microphone error

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asked Feb 26 in Studio One 3 by jh43 (130 points)
I am trying to use Studio One Prime on a Windows 10 home edition desktop. I have a ********* UMC204HD and ********* HPX2000 headphones and a Shure SM58 microphone connected to the DAW and connected to the system. When I start Studio One, I get the errors Unable to Open Speakers and Unable to Open Microphone error... I've set via the Windows control panel the headphones (speakers) to stereo ( only option) and the bit rate on both the headphones and microphone to 44.1, 24 bit and still get the error in Studio One. I've also tried other sample/bit rate combinations with no success. I've made sure the song setup matches the settings I've applied in windows and that doesn't work. Studio One always starts up with a default of 16 bit and there seems to be no way to change that.  I've been able to use these components in Audacity with no problems... Not really sure where to go next with this.

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