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iOS 11 running Core MIDI compatible app <-> MIDI interface <-> Windows 10 running Notion 6

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asked Jul 1, 2018 in Notion by nilsblomqvist (1,500 points)
As the headline describe, an iPad/iOS11 running a Core MIDI compatible app - connected via suitable MIDI-interface to a PC/win10 running Notion 6. Will changes on either side of the MIDI interface be reflected on the opposite side?
i.e. Let´s say that the iPad hosts a DAW of sorts and I´m entering MIDI events in that DAW. Will corresponding note symbols appear in Notion 6 on the PC?  Or, conversely - if I edit some note symbols in the staff, will the MIDI data change on the iPad ? Or maybe this is not the way it will work and I´m just dreaming?

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answered Jul 2, 2018 by nilsblomqvist (1,500 points)

I got an answer from Iconnectivity´s support on much the same question where I asked specifically about the midi-interface iConnectMIDI2+

I now understand that it´ll work as I was imagining...