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Hardware Insert Pro Tools and Studio 1824

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asked Jul 11, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by dannyfurdon (230 points)
Ok this part PRo Tools question, Part Presonus, and part Outboard Gear newbie question.

So i bought an external EQ Klark Teknik EQP-KT. I want to use it as an Hardware insert to EQ already recorded tracks in Pro Tools.

I connect 1/4 TRS form Output 7 on back of 1824 to input of KT EQ. I connect 1/4 TRS from output of KT EQ to Input 7 on back of 1824

In Pro Tools in an already recorded audio track I select insert 7

I play back track and attempt to use EQ and not hearing any changes to the track. if i attempt to adjust the gain on input 7 on 1824 i get a howling screeching sound.

I guess I'm not understanding how the signal flow works and what i need to do in both PT and the 1824 to simply use an external EQ to mix already recorded tracks.

I've used PT for a couple of years but specifically used in ITB processing and I want to experiment with outboard gear.

I'm pulling my hair out to try and figure this out, it can't be this difficult..

Thanks in advance for any help or advice

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answered Apr 17 by ginoburgio (150 points)

It seems that your audio configuration needs to be adjusted outside of Pro Tools.

You will need to bypass the mixer in Universal Control to prevent a feedback loop from occurring.
Please ensure that you have installed the latest version of Universal Control from your PreSonus user account.

1. Open Universal Control.

2. Click on the Studio 1810 image to control the device.

3. In the top right hand corner of the UC window, select the Settings gear icon.

4. Under the System section, enable "Mixer Bypass" to disable mixer control.

While Mixer Bypass is active, your Studio-series interface will function as a simple I/O device for your DAW. When the mixer is bypassed, you must route audio to the desired output using its dedicated playback stream both for system playback (if desired) and DAW playback.


Additionally, to disable Universal Control from defaulting and having to make this change each time, below are instructions to disable. 

Please follow the steps provided below if you wish to disable Universal Control as a Startup Program on Windows.

1. Open Universal Control

2. Click on "Settings"

3. Un-check "Run at Startup"