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Disable ALL iLok scans option

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asked Jul 16, 2018 in Look and Feel by Scardanelli (1,550 points)
I'm often on my laptop traveling without my iLok - it is very annoying to have to click cancel a hundred times as S1 tries to authorise each and every instance of an iLok authorised plugin, GRM Tools is 12 times alone, plus Eventide, Metric Halo, etc etc. It'd be great if  the first time it came across an iLok plugin with no iLok inserted it would ask "Skip all iLok plugins?" Clicking cancel just skips everything.



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answered Jul 17, 2018 by 01010110 (700 points)
If something like this would be implemented, I would suggest a more generic feature for loading different plugin setups. To solve this iLok specifik issue, I would suggest that Pace make a nice fix instead. Maybe just let the iLok system to notify you only once..

But here's another possible use case: I work mostly with mastering but sometimes I like to do some mixing, so I got tons of mixing plugins which I would never use in a mastering context. I really wouldn't mind to be able to configure which plugin selection I would like to load when I boot Studio One, so I could work with my mastering without seeing all those other plugins. I can almost solve that by hiding plugins, but I also like to hide for example all UAD plugins I never want to use without having to remove them for each update, so I would like to keep that function for that only.

Years ago I solved this with a third party Audio Unit organiser application, which moved the Audio Units between different folders for different setups. Very handy. Actually, I would probably prefer to use an application like that with support for both VST, VST3 and AU instead of having all of that built in to Studio One.