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closed What was fixed in the recent Studio One 4 version 4.0.1 Update?

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Studio One 4 – Version History and Release Notes

** This document lists all Studio One 4 maintenance updates and their included fixes and improvements.

Version 4.0.1 Release Notes (July 10, 2018):

New features and Improvements:
• Studio One 4 Prime available
• [Impact XT] Keep MIDI note assignment when using "Clear Pad" or "Clear Bank”
• [Impact XT] "Show in Finder/Explorer" option in pad context menu
• [Sample One XT] Improved backwards compatibility
• [Pattern Editor] Improved Variation selection (clickable area)
• [Pattern Editor] Added tool tips for columns
• [Drum Editor] Note color by pitch reflects pad colors when Impact XT is used
• Improved editors scrolling, zoom and focus behavior
• Ripple Edit now also working in Audio Editor
• Default color for chords
• Light Theme adjustments
• The editors have a minimum size now
• Various user interface design corrections
• Various localization fixes

The following issues have been fixed:
• [Arranger] Song Offset Causes Time Ruler Numbers to Disappear on Zoom
• [Arranger] Transform does not work for Pattern
• [Arranger] Crash in track navigation with shift+arrow key
• [Arranger] Crash on creating an audio track when no input device is selected
• [Arranger] Unable to use up/down arrows to scroll tracks w/ collapsed folders
• [Arranger] Can't drag .musicloop with pattern to audio track
• [Arranger Track] „Don't follow Track“ setting causes errors
• [Arranger Track] Events don't follow correctly on tracks with different time
• [Chord Track] Auto-scroll not working when Chord Track is last or only header
• [Chord Track] Duplicating chord blocks doesn't retain original color
• [Chord Track] Follow Mode not visible in minimum screen resolution
• [Chord Track] Inconsistent behavior when editing chords (Resize adjacent)
• [Drum Editor] "Duplicate" inserts notes at wrong position
• [Impact XT + Sample One XT] Automation orphaned from v3 to v4
• [Impact XT] Follow Tempo produces clicks
• [Impact XT] V3 mono outs 1-8 change to stereo out 9-16 in V4
• [Low Latency Monitoring] Bounce renders empty if Monitor on w/ Ampire
• [Macros] Moving groups sometimes deletes the selected page
• [Macros] Note Length not applied correctly to last chord in a part
• [Macros] Note selection not accurate
• [Melodyne] Detached window opens in wrong size, and sometimes freezes
• [Mixer] Input insert bin - only half of the vertical space is used
• [Mixer] VCA channel is muted after reload song
• [Music Editor] No consecutive X:Y drag actions possible after note insert with
arrow tool (double click+hold)
• [Music Editor] No NoteOff generated on first loop cycle for overlapping notes
• [Pattern Editor] Automation Lane Changes on Loop
• [Pattern Editor] Drum Mode automation lane not changing to related pitch on
touch input
• [Pattern Editor] VST2 Automation in Pattern shows current value for every note
• [Preferences] "Copy external files when saving song" option ignored on samples
dropped on Impact XT & Sample One XT
• [Presence XT] Editor icon picker has no contrast
• [Sample One XT] Free LFO works the other way around
• [Sample One XT] Freezes on exchanging 96K samples while song is playing
• [Sample One XT] issues with S1 v3 presets
• [Sample One XT] Pitch not responding on LFO, Env or pitch-bend when "Follow
Song Tempo" is enabled
• [Sample One XT] Wrong Filter parameter states when loading v3 song
• [Scratch Pad] Bar offset is ignored
• [Scratch Pad] Wrong part size when using negative numerical start value
• [Scratch Pad] Possible to extend Part start beyond Scratch Pad causing
unexpected length of the Part
• [Scratch Pad] Offset event w/ Melodyne edits not copying to new Scratch Pad
• [Slate Raven] Applying touch automation selects the track instead of writing
• [Slate Raven] Crash when removing inserts from the channel editor
• [Slate Raven] Display ID Index Shift
• AAF Audio on single track with automation not imported
• AAF import of certain Samplitude files not working
• Beat offset and Start/End Markers in Song Templates
• Bounces are cut by latency reported by plug-in
• Certain legacy songs won't save
• Context menu latches focus item on mouse down
• Crash on switching presets inside u-he Diva AU
• Crash when switching patterns with different control lane parameters
• Cue Mix section of FX channels cropped
• Duplicate complete omits an automation envelope
• Event Inspector cannot have arbitrary size anymore
• Extension dialog uses multiple font baselines
• Inverted color of fader bar-graph
• Multi instrument size issue
• Qwerty keyboard issue with Record Offset
• Scroll handle disappearing on lists with horizontal and vertical scrollbar
• Shift Root (Alt + Scroll) causes focus on Menu
• Time signature markers can't be deleted
• Transport bar elements hidden (language dependent)
• VST support plugin not connected to Artist flavor
• XML import doesn't work with Cubase 8 demo song

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