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Export Mixdown Volume in S1 Lower than Mixdown in DAW

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asked Aug 8, 2018 in Studio One 3 by guilschotte (130 points)
The solution provided in the previous response doesn't seem to answer my question.  

When I create a mixdown selection, the volume of the original session and mixdown seem equivalent.  However, when I export a mixdown, the volume of the resulting WAV file is considerably lower than the mixdown.  

I've tried increasing my Output to +10 dB before exporting the mixdown (which seemed to help), but this didn't result in a WAV file with the same volume level.  

It doesn't seem to matter what audio player I use - VLC, Groove and Windows Media Player all seem to have the same results: A WAV file that is about half the apparent volume of the S1 session (both the original track and the mixdown).

Any other ideas of what I can try to resolve this?

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