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MIXDOWN - no improvement in more than 6 year! LET'S Change that!

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asked Apr 17, 2021 in Editing by maciejostrega (230 points)
There is no improvement in naming exported files, automation of filenames and folders, tags, export of multiple formats at once and so on since 6 years!

Mixdown feature in Studio One 5 is just way below any other DAW on the market! Its even lower than some programs had 16yrs ago...

here a list of unimplemented request related to mixdown dialog.

Please consume a few days of your work to bring back a joy of mixdown into Studio One 5.


Possible to change default name for mixdowns to something other than "mixdown"?
Autoname Mp3-Export files. (Better than "Mixdown.mp3" ). E.g. Project-name or Saved-Version-name
Overwrite Mixdown With The Same Name

Link mixdown name with the song version name (and vice versa)
Mixdown exports multiple file types (eg wav + mp3 in one pass)

Is it possible to get a bigger song name text field in the Mixdown Export window?


Folder to be automatically generated for mixdowns and named as per song title
Option to add metadata on mixdown tab

Song info (track name, track number, artwork, album name etc.) doesn't show in wav file but does in mp3 file.

Please let us export multiple formats at the same time

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answered May 12, 2021 by siniablagus (2,850 points)
this would be great man! voted up...especially the ability to export multiple formats at once