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Seeing as Thunderbolt support on PC is a joke, will the Quantum come out in PCIe, or (heaven forbid) USB?

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asked Aug 26, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by hiredgoon (90 points)
Seriously Thunderbolt on PC is a confusing and expensive pain.  This product, in it's current state, should really be consider a MAC only product.  Headers, connectors, risers, cards, TB3-2 adaptors, more cables...and then cross your fingers and hope it works? Please.  

I'd love to buy a Quantum with it's features and low latency, but not with this mess going on.  I'm hoping Slate can deliver with his PCIe VRS, or I may throw down on a RME because they at least know what they are doing on the USB side of things.  If you want to sell Quantums on PC you need something other than Thunderbolt.

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answered Aug 27, 2018 by hiredgoon (90 points)
Focusrite figured this out with their Clarett line being only Thunderbolt initially.  Bad move, but they wised up and brought out the USB version.  Might as well get a piece of the windows market.  As we know, RME have dominated latency performance for years no matter what the physical format, so obviously it can be done with low latency.
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answered Oct 6, 2018 by javiermegas (270 points)
Well, what you need/want exists already, it is the Presonus Studio 192. It has the same specifications as the Quantum interface but with USB 3.0 port.