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Universal control setting disappeared.

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asked Sep 5, 2018 in AudioBox VSL Series by matthewdix (150 points)
In the last day or so, my universal control for my audiobox 1818vsl stopped displaying the option to change the settings. Now it just displays a picture of my audiobox. I wanted to change some settings as I am getting clicks and pops that have never happened before (I've been using this unit well over a year with zero issues). I haven't updated my universal control, so I don't understand why the settings tabs would just disappear.

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answered Sep 6, 2018 by AlexTinsley (902,860 points)
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Periodically we have seen issues where this might occur, just quit UC and restart it again to get your settings to come back. It's a sporadic issue that we're working on resolving for a future UC update.