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FR SO3: Sidechains routing - Channel numbers or folder?

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asked Dec 13, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by Zirrex (9,850 points)

FR SO3: Sidechains routing - Channel numbers or folder?

It is very difficult to find the right channel for routing.
We need to solve this problem.

1. The first thing that comes to mind is to make the channel numbers.
2. The second is to make each channel folder. In this folder will be the plugins for sidechains.
and niles suggested another option: "A 3rd option could be to reverse the process. So instead of sending to a VST, you would have an option to select the source from which you want to receive the sidechain input(s)".

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answered Dec 17, 2015 by matthewgorman (52,060 points)
I like the third option best.
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answered Mar 10, 2016 by danam2 (4,100 points)
I recently created a feature request that is similar to your third option (did not see this request back then):
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answered Jun 18, 2017 by Skaperverket (4,700 points)
edited Jun 18, 2017 by Skaperverket
I agree 100%. A way to select one or multiple sources for the sidechain from the plugin itself would be great. Preferably with a list that also sorts the sources by channel number. Also, if we could choose between pre FX or post FX, like in Ableton Live, that would be great as well.