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Audio crunches and overload cpu

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asked Sep 8, 2018 in Studio One 4 by guillaumelanglais (1,380 points)

i work on Mac and StudioLive32 serie iii

i have discover i have overload cpu so, crunches and clics in audio when:

i create for exemple, stereo output 21-22 and mono 21 and mono 22.

Studio one don't support those settings.

But, because Studio One don't discover himself the inputs and outputs, i had create all the stereos and monos inputs and outputs.

It's really incredible, in all other DAWs, they see all inputs and outputs of the audio interfaces when you open it...

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answered Sep 9, 2018 by guillaumelanglais (1,380 points)

i add precisions, i continue the tests.

CPU overload each time i add stereos AND monos in the I/O configuration.