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CUE Mixes still broken in 4.1

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asked Sep 13, 2018 in Studio One 4 by kevincollins1 (900 points)

I was really excited today when I saw that "CUE mixes are fixed for soloing". For audio tracks it seems to work fine but if there are instrument tracks they will be muted when another channel is soloed. Just did a couple tests. Had a mix that was all audio tracks added an instrument track and when I soloed one of the audio tracks the instrument track went silent in the CUE mix. Did this with a couple of older projects as well even cleared my settings folder. Come on Presonus !! Test all corner cases before a release. Going back to PT and Reaper until they try again. Really, really wish I could use this as my default DAW.

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answered Sep 14, 2018 by danam2 (3,800 points)
selected Sep 14, 2018 by kevincollins1
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Can confirm this. Besides that I am wondering why this is a global option, not a song/template option and even more: Why can't it be set for each output individually?  CUE mixes are the only way to send audio to multiple outputs inside Studio One. So you may want to set this differently for some CUE outs.
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answered Sep 14, 2018 by kevincollins1 (900 points)

From what I'm thinking this has to do with their low latency routing model being different for instruments and busses and audio channels.

The thing that I bought into this platform for was their model/idea to separate the low latency settings from the buffer size. I even bought their hardware to get the hardware low latency for the extra couple ms. That was the dream for me until it came time for tracking of multi artist overdubs and cue mixing. I use an external personal mixing system (P16) so I don't need a mix per se in S1 but I just need a low latency pre-fader send of an un-muteable source that I can send to an output. So close but yet .....