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Why is there no option for Headphone Cue Mixes in Show Page?

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asked Feb 13, 2021 in Studio One 5 by XOrionFE (290 points)
I tried to add headphone cue mixes to Show Page but the audio i/o output page doesnt have the cue mix check boxes...

7 Answers

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answered Sep 30, 2021 by Rufus1986 (140 points)

I was looking for this option as well. Turns out you don't need a separate cue mix. You can just add another stere output in Show Setup and route to your headphone outputs. You can then select your tracks/players individually and route to either Main or Headphone mix.
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answered Feb 28, 2022 by blackfoxsa (200 points)
This is almost pushing me away from studio one. I have to run our live shows from the SONG page and maintain a massive complicated file with all the tracks inside it. Surely this isn't a big request!
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answered Jun 5, 2022 by petermojzes (310 points)
This would help a lot! Please
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answered Sep 6, 2022 by shanehale (250 points)
+1 for having the cue mixes available in the show page. I don't want to have to configure individually from sends.
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answered Nov 16, 2022 by stuartmaxwell (3,710 points)
Wanted to set up in ear monitor mixes via the show page, turns out I can't , sad face.

I don't think the suggestion by Rufus1986 makes sense, changing the output of the player does not allow for separate mixes, perhaps they misunderstood the request ,
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answered Mar 2 by eallen4 (280 points)
+1 on adding Cue Mixes to the Show Page.

But if they're not available, shouldn't I still be able to assign any desired (stereo) outputs in the I/O matrix to the Main bus?  This would allow the Main mix to be routed to additional monitors or headphone amps. It works just fine in the Song Page but not the Show Page.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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answered Apr 23 by audio.junkie1 (140 points)
Need to have Cue Mixes on the Show Page... a must needed feature in the next update please!