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Uad2 Satellite configuration?

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asked Sep 24, 2018 in Studio One 4 by marcomartini2 (120 points)
There is a correct configuration for S1 4.1 and Uad2 Satellite Octo Thunderbolt?

Because I have a big issue: I can't achieve a right compromise between cpu spikes and latency.

Dropout protection at Min, Cpu in Monitor Activity goes at 300% (iMac i7 4.0Ghz 5K, 32Gb, High Sierra last)) and fan at max...

Dropout protection at Max, Cpu in Monitor Activity stable between 100\140%, and low speed fan, and idle.

But If I set a buffer under 2048 samples, Uad2 plugin stop working!

This plugin (comp, eq and revb)  are in Insert of Main output of console mix of S1 for mastering.

Where I'm wrong?

Thanks so much!

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